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Easy to read:2D signs excel at making text legible and easy for viewers to read. Unlike a 3D sign, you dont have to worry about glare, perspective or shadow. 2D signs are far less complicated, ensuring your message gets out there effectively. More room:For those who need to put more text on their signs, 2D signage is usually a better option than 3D signage. 2D signage provides more space for a higher volume of text and graphics. When your clientele or customers need more information, 2D signs are the way to go. With the increased space for lettering and graphics, 2D signs are well-suited for the indoors, where viewers will be closer and can stop to read them. Wayfinding:If you have putting together some wayfinding signage that uses text, 2D signs are ideal. They give you the space to include needed text and plenty of color options to make them more noticeable. Additionally, they are easy to mount in crucial areas both indoors and outdoors. A 3D sign might be more effective if you only need an image, such as an arrow, without text. However, 2D signs are a better form for directional signs in most situations. Simple production:When it comes to making 2D signs, you will find that they are one of the most affordable and fastest to produce types of graphics on the market. They also can be made with a variety of materials, giving you plenty of customizability. Due to all of these advantages, many companies choose 2D signage when they need signage made quickly that still looks great.